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Hany Rambod was a competing bodybuilder in the early 90’s, but he did not manage to achieve much success. All the blame goes to the severe injury, which put an end to his career as a bodybuilder, after which he began to actively practice coaching.

The first serious student in the career of mentor Hany Rambod was the athlete Quincy Taylor, with whom Hani won the US championship among amateurs. After Quincy was Idris Vardel, who won the 2002 US Championships. He was followed by bodybuilders Chris Cook, Mike Dragne, Bill Wilmore, and Omar Decar, one by one receiving professional maps at the US Championship in 2003, 2005, and 2006. It is worth noting that it was for these successes of his charges that Hani was nicknamed “The Pro Creator”.


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Despite the fact that the Rambo system was very successful, none of the athletes of that period, trained under the leadership of Hani, achieved special success at the professional level and all because they were not at all distinguished by outstanding genetics. Undoubtedly, Rambaud’s training scheme helped them, but in order to progress and develop further, he alone was not enough.

One of the first genetically gifted bodybuilders with whom Hany Rambod collaborated was the athlete Edward Nunn. The only drawback was that at the beginning of their teamwork, Nunn was already 36 years old and at that time, he was at a bodybuilding amateur level. After a while, Hani led Edward to design a professional card and the first victory in the IFBB Pro League.


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