In the world of bodybuilding, rivalry seems to be angrier. It seems that if you are in the fitness industry, then you better find someone with the opposite point of view and question him carefully. When this is done for laughter or for no reason other than jealousy or self-promotion, it can be a little childish. But when it comes to the difference in philosophy, in which every person believes, then everything becomes a little more interesting and much more meaningful.

This is the case between Lee Priest and Bostin Loyd. Recently, two men have caused a rivalry, which seems to be intensifying. Priest, it seems, really has a fundamental problem with Loyd’s views. Bostin Loyd, the Boston bodybuilder with the growing popularity of his internet site, is a young man who firmly believes in using PED in pursuit of acquiring a larger size and musculature. Loyd sincerely believes that bodybuilding has less in common with genetics and is more associated with nutrition and performance enhancers.

For some, that candid attitude is treated with reverence and respect. “He could have chosen to keep it a secret” or “at least he’s letting the masses know the truth and how to go about using it.” To some extent, these statements are indeed true. On the other hand, when you consider the fact that young, inexperienced lifters are watching Loyd and trying to replicate his steroid program, the whole idea becomes alarmingly dangerous. That’s the stance that Lee Priest seems to be taking.

For his part, Lee Priest is a pretty controversial character in the bodybuilding community himself. A priest is a man known to speak his mind and tell it like it is in much the same way as Bostin Loyd himself. But unlike Loyd, Lee Priest comes from a professional background and from an era where using steroids was treated far differently than it is today.

Lee believes that Loyd will be a dangerous person, especially for those who want to engage in bodybuilding for a long time. The priest seems to hold the opinion that the idea of Loyd may be the wrong image of bodybuilding. He believes that Loyd’s advice can eventually damage young viewers who look at the Internet fitness personality.

Lee Priest… A living legend and a fountain of knowledge for many people, it’s fair to say that he knows what he’s talking about! Recently, Lee forced himself to get used to the Internet and told down what he thinks in the raw! No fooling – only 100% real conversation, and when the theme of Bostin Loyd was brought up, it’s no different!

If you do not know who Bostin is, first, WHERE WERE YOU? And secondly, he is basically a modern boy-poster for steroids! He is a bodybuilder and Youtuber, and he is extremely open about his use of steroids and he, himself, is not afraid of disagreements and talks about his mind!

Some see that Bostin openly uses steroids as a way to promote steroids very badly. They see that Bostin has many fans on the Internet and some obviously want to look like him, and so they will follow their idol and move to the dark side (by using steroids).

Many believe that Bostin uses steroids too much and does not practice their safe use, which can lead to the fact that children and fans will copy it and this can cause serious damage! Lee does not think about voicing his thoughts about the practice of Bostin, he even stated: “All these drugs make you look your best, really…?” and “If all the bodybuilding were drugs, they wouldn’t work for you…”

Lee also looks at the situation with Bostin from the side of his fans and the consequences that may occur because of Bostin’s actions…

“Unfortunately, there are children who will follow him and do it, and it’s just stupid.” – Lee Priest

“Unfortunately, this is what bodybuilding now is. Videos and Internet sites and people follow them…” – Lee Priest

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