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6’2 “(1.87 m) bodybuilder Ryan Watson weighs nearly 300 pounds (136 kg) in the offseason! He was a football player in the state in Largo in 1997. He first played NFL football for a year for the Atlanta Falcons and the Tenessee Titans, after which he graduated from Appalachian State University as an American scientist with a BA in the field of health and nutrition sciences.

Ryan was presented with a full football scholarship and received the All-Conference All American Awards in his senior year, receiving numerous free agent offers from 11 different NFL teams, and he decided to sign a contract with the Tennessee Titans. After less than a year with them, he was released but was signed a week later with the Atlanta Falcons, where Ryan played for two years.

The most surprising thing is that he was very sick and then completely recovered. After his first bodybuilding 3 years ago in the Mid Florida Classic, Ryan was diagnosed with a tumor the size of a golf ball in his C7 vertebrae around his neck. He was admitted to the hospital and had it removed and then had the vertebrae from C5 to T2 merged for added stability around the neck. In just 14 months, Ryan returned to the competition in the southern states of 2007 and felt fine. His videos for bodybuilding are so popular on YouTube that one of them was viewed six million times in just one year!

Now, he lives in Tampa, Florida, and is a personal trainer and a competitive bodybuilder. He came in first and whole in 2007 at the National Committee for Physics (NPC) in the middle of Florida. He also came in first in 2008 in the NPC All South as a heavyweight and he was the winner in 2010 in South America. He has been featured in many muscle magazines, including Muscle & Fitness, Muscle Mag Intl., Muscle and Body, Men’s Fitness, and ASIB magazine, where he is the editor.

Today we are looking at another scene added, this time in the lead role of Ben Pakulski and rival NPC Ryan Watson.

On the stage, B-Pak meets with Ryan Watson for dinner in the land and the museum about the massive amount of calories that bodybuilders should consume (Ben claims that he takes 7,000 calories during the season).

Ryan Watson is a competitor to the NPC, who actually started acting as a professional football player. He was a free agent for both the Tennessee Titans and the Atlanta Falcons. Unfortunately, his football career was ended due to a severe neck injury.

Fortunately, this did not mean the end of Ryan Watson as he turned to a new passion that allowed him to continue to improve his body without the dangerous (at least not so dangerous) risk of being on the field.

He is now a bodybuilding champ for the NPC and on his way to earning his pro-card. He also runs his own training company called Ryan Watson Fitness, where he seeks to help people surpass their fitness goals through extensive education and experience.

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