Rich Piana is an example of a bright symbiosis between a talented sportsman and an enterprising businessman. Information about this bodybuilder is difficult to find, but for you, we have put together reliable facts about the life and training process of the athlete.

Anthropometry data

Long anthropometric data:

  • height – 1m 83cm;
  • weight (in the off-season) – 127 kg, competitive – 118 kg;
  • the volume of the bicep is 56 cm.

Data for 2016 is approximately the following:

  • wrist volume – 23 cm;
  • the girth of the forearm – 45 cm;
  • biceps 61 cm.

Working weight of the athlete:

  • on the press bar from the position lying-225 kg;
  • squats and deadlift-275 kg.

Biography of Rich Pian

Rich Piana was born in 1971 in Texas in the US. From early childhood, the guy dreamed of prosperity, especially about the huge mansion he would one day own for his own family. From a young age, the boy began to put off every cent to buy a house, refusing to get himself anything as he saved. Simultaneously, the guy began to train in the gym and prepare for competitions. As Rich later admitted, there were times when his daily diet in preparation for the competition was 3 packs of ravioli and 24 eggs, the cost of such a menu was $ 1.

who is prophet muscle

Such thrift contributed to the accumulation of the starting capital for wise business investment. He showed remarkable abilities in sports at the age of 18. At that time, he recorded 185 kilograms in a single repetition in the bench press. The athlete achieved tremendous results, not only with the help of training and nutrition, but mostly due to the course of taking anabolic steroids as Tren-Max-1, which gave the athlete about 10 kilograms of clean muscle mass, and an additional 40 kilos in the bench press.

Continuation of Career

Struck by the first results, Rich understood that he would not be able to stop at what had been achieved. But not everything went smoothly and in the competitions, the bodybuilder did not achieve impressive successes. However, a number of victories indicate that the bodybuilder had hope.

  • 1999 – seventh place in the US championship in fitness and bodybuilding.
  • 2003 – the first in the championship of Los Angeles.
  • 2004 – the sixth in the national championship among super heavyweights.
  • 2009- 1 place in the championship of Sacramento among bodybuilders.
  • 2009 – the winner of the championship of border states on classical bodybuilding.
  • In 2010, the sports career ended, because this period did not bring an athlete a single prize.

We can say that his life was closely intertwined with sports, but the bodybuilding itself did not become its meaning. All his life the man tried to earn and organize his own business. The businessman from Rich has turned out, not without reason as he has gone through the long period of asceticism. With initiative and under the same name, the sports nutrition “Rich Piana 5% Nutrition” was created, which can be bought in online stores and at the points of sale of the sports nutrition.

rich piana

The price of preparations is budgetary, and the line contains a lot of preparations: from sportswear and pre-training complexes to peptides. Its relatively low cost attracts athletes, which brings Rich Pian additional income. Now the man is the owner of a collection of luxury cars, a beautiful mansion, and a line of sportswear. On his YouTube channel, the famous athlete reveals the secrets of success, uploads photos, and releases videos of his own unique workouts.

The popular personality of bodybuilding, Rich Piana is known for his controversial views, as well as his willingness to say a thing as it is. Thus, Piana built a huge following and always lives with her heart on her sleeve. He is a man who is devoted and passionate about what he does. He also appears to be a person who does not show courtesy to threats, as many of them have learned thanks to the incident that occurred with Payne with Jason Gena a few months ago. Now it seems that Pian is challenged, this time in a much more direct estate than in the situation with Genoa. Prophet Muscle is a man who has faced bodybuilders several times in the past and seems to have challenged Rich-Pyan to fight. It seems that Piana took this problem seriously and made a video response to prove her determination.

Piana never surprised anyone, as a person who would refuse a call, and it seems that this time is not so. Do you think? Pius will really fight the Prophet’s muscle?

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