Anthropometric data

  • Height: 178 cm,
  • Weight: 152 kg (off-season), 130 kg (competitive),
  • Hip: 91 cm.


In the world of bodybuilding, there is a very interesting story. Indeed, as an Egyptian who did not know English well, how could Ramy reach such heights in such a short time? Fond of all the fans of bodybuilding, Big Ram (Mamdouh Mohamed Hassan Abde Lbaky Elssbiay) became a professional in just three years of training (in his words). Such information may seem implausible, but who knows what genes this muscular monster holds inside.

If you sit in foreign forums, you can find that Big Ramy is simply called a “fisherman”. This is because he lived and grew up in a family that earned only fishing. Mammad Alsbiai followed in his parent’s footsteps, but, as we know, this did not last long. In the field of active physical training, hard work is very important, because it is necessary to carry out a huge amount of work in a fairly short amount of time. This is why children were given to various sports sections at an early age, Mamdu was no exception. The development of sports in general in Egypt is much better than in other Arab and African countries, but bodybuilding, powerlifting, and weightlifting have not been sufficiently developed, although Big Rami has always been interested in exercises with weights. It so happened that the whole Ellsbiai family decided to move to Kuwait, to develop their very own fishing business there. This move was very significant for Mamdu because it was there that he was able to achieve his cherished dream: to become a professional bodybuilder.

When Big Ramy lived in Egypt, he knew about the existing network of fitness rooms, called “Oxygen Gym,” in Kuwait. The owner of this network often invited professional bodybuilders to his clubs to organize seminars and masterclasses there. It coincided that the next guest star was Victor Martinez, the idol of our Big Ramy. Unfortunately, this meeting did not take place, and Victor never learned about his huge, in every sense, fan. The official acquaintance actually occurred on May 2013.

After a while, Big Rami got a job in the same network of fitness clubs. The owner of the club Baider Budai saw in the “fisherman” a huge potential. He gave Mammad Alsbiai a light work schedule so that he could train without problems. But, most of all, Bajdera was not struck by Ellsbiai’s form, but by his experience in the gym, which did not exceed two months. Buday took this as a joke but still decided to help him.

The main role in the formation of Big Rami as a professional bodybuilder was played by Dennis James, who appreciated the potential of a huge athlete before anyone else did. Dennis helped him in everything: in training, in drawing up a nutrition plan and, of course, gave Mamdu knowledge about sports pharmacology. It should be noted that in Egypt and Kuwait, anabolic steroids are allowed, therefore, the quality of this product is perfectly traceable and controlled. Perhaps that’s why Big Ramy achieved such stunning results in such short terms. There are those who think that only thanks to good medications Mamdu Elssbiai has reached such heights, but think, how many athletes from Arab or African countries who could boast of the same form? I can think of none.

Ramy’s path to professional bodybuilding began and immediately ended (in a good sense of the word) at the amateur Olympia 2012 because it was then that he immediately received his PRO card. We are already perfectly aware of the further development of events. The plan of coach Big Ramy (Dennis James) was to win a confident victory at the tournament “New York Pro 2013”, and to, therefore, qualify for Mr. Olympia. “Mr. Olympia” that year was a very exciting tournament for Mamdu because one of his rivals was his idol, Victor Martinez. I recall that the idol took 11th place, and Big Rami 8. Not bad, right? Also, Mamdu Elssbiai worried about his wife then, who was just about to give birth to his second daughter.

A distinctive feature of Mamdu is the absence of problem zones or lagging muscles, which are common conditions.  His proportions are very good, even though the weight of the athlete is very high at 130 kg in competitive form. The tournament “New York Pro 2013” was the proof.

Best Achievements

The athlete reached crazy popularity status within two competition years. The athlete from Egypt was not known to anyone until 2012 when this huge muscle mass began to appear on the stage of amateur Olympia. Then, he easily won his category, thereby becoming a professional bodybuilder. His experience of training is quite small, but more about this later. On the stage of the PRO tournament, Mammad Alsbiai came out in 2013 in the tournament, “New York Pro”. The result was simply stunning as he became the winner, leaving Victor Martinez, Juan Morel, Jonathan DeLaros, and others behind. With this victory, he earned his place on the stage of the tournament “Mr. Olympia” in 2013. With such a crackdown, it might seem that Big Ramy could have been in the TOP-3 Olympia of that year, but the result was different, said Rolly Winklaar.  Ramy weighed a lot less back then at only 109 kg. This indicates a lack of experience of the athlete, but everything is just ahead of him. For the next year, Big Ramy was gaining muscle and trying to improve his condition. In 2014, he was already on the well-worked-out scheme, moving him toward the tournament “Mr. Olympia 2014”, having won a confident victory at the “New York Pro”. The progress was obvious, but it was not enough to get into the top three on Olympia. The result was 7th place, which was a  surprise in the eyes of opponents and spectators who had seen the mass (especially his legs).

Training From Big Rami Under the Direction of Dennis James

The first exercise Mamdu Elssbiai performed was a press in the Hammer simulator. However, he did not just perform a simple press but used drop-sets. Weight was relatively small, with only 3 disks on each side. To begin with, Rami made several warm-up approaches and then proceeded to perform the drop-sets.

The second exercise involved the formation of the hands in the lying simulator. It was done to fill the muscles with blood and included 4 sets of 12 reps

The third movement was the bench press in the simulator also with drop-sets. He started with a couple of simple approaches for warm-up, then included drop sets.

At the end of the training, Big Rami finished triceps, because they also worked well in the press. One exercise will be enough and extending the arms from the upper block with a relatively small weight.

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