Anyone who is engaged in professional bodybuilding has, at least once, heard about the coach and trainer, Sibil Peeters (affectionately nicknamed Grandma). But this is not the only name she has been issued. Nicknamed “the trainer from hell” for putting the top athletes jamie eason live fit trainer through a tough regime, Sibil Peeters is one of the best coaches in the game today, and the performances of her wards at the competitions prove this.

Trainer from Hell

At some point, Rolly continued to progress, having already completed impressive feats. He achieved due to the guidance of his coach, but his acquaintances advised him often. Rolly Winklaar originally did not want to train under the guidance injectable Anavar of this particular. But later he did not regret his choice. Her name is Sybil Peters. In the world of bodybuilding, this person is known by two nicknames, which most closely describe his character. Her name was “Grandma” or “Trainer from Hell.”

The first name was really the anonymous granny, very kind and caring. But the nickname “trainer from Hell” was not meant for the ability to cook delicious food, but for the special demand and rigor to her students. She, quite literally, exhausted her athletes in classes. Sybil Peters has achieved significant success in sports in her time. She is a master of martial arts, a bodybuilder, weightlifter, and gymnastics. Not only did she bring up a lot of champions, but she was a champion herself among peers and students alike.

Sibil noticed the young man at a small amateur bodybuilding tournament. Back then, he was very inexperienced. As Peters herself said, Winklaar did not try hard enough and he did not give 100% in the gym either on stage or off stage. He just needed a trainer who would give him a good kick in the ass for fruitful work. From that time, “granny” began to train an inexperienced athlete (since 2008). Since then, Rolly’s career has gone up dramatically. Training for Winklaar was really deadly and he had never been trained like that before. But Rolly never complains and does not mess around chlorodehydromethyteststerone, the athlete always plows in the hall, especially in the legacy of training, which he loves very much.

The regime of the Rollie observes, even in the deep off-season, when he trains on his own. He gets up about 6 AM, or even earlier. After that, he eats breakfast and goes to workout. The reason for this early training is very simple – the climate on the island of Curaçao is very hot, so Winklaar had only a couple of hours then to practice in relative coolness. Such a regime remained with Rolly Winklaar, even after the move. After training, he, of course, eats, and then go to bed

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