Who qualified for citizens according to Hawaiian Classic 2017 Shawn Ray?

If there is any way to turn a profession into a bodybuilding industry and if it happens under the sunny sky, the beaches of Hawaii should be the best way. This is just the way for several Powerhouse rivals in the Hawaiian Classic 2017 Shawn Ray. Any of these talented few can become the best contender for the post of Mr. Olympia in the coming years, but for now, let’s congratulate them on the further step towards the status of the champion. Below are the winners who passed the qualification for the citizens. Each is one step closer to becoming a professional.

2017 NPC Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic Overall Results

  • Open bikini: Carissa Blyut
  • Men’s Physique: Justin Tanaka
  • Male classical physiology: Clint Riggin
  • Bodybuilding: Ramil Valbuena
  • Figure: Lorraine Gonzalez
  • Women’s Physical: Diana Bumanglag

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