Nam Eun Cho biography

Nam Eun Cho is a professional Korean bodybuilder. Unfortunately, nothing about the childhood and youth of this athlete is known. Also, there is no information about when and for what reasons he began to deal with burdens.

Speaking at amateur competitions, Eun Cho was nicknamed “Korean Quadrozilla” because of his incredibly developed legs.

In 2015, Nam Eun Cho confidently won in his category and became the absolute champion at the Amateur “Olympia” in Hong Kong.

In the professional arena, “The Korean Quadrozilla” debuted in July 2016 at the tournament “Vancouver Pro 2016”, where he stopped a step away from victory, taking second place in the category of up to 212 pounds.

To us, Nam Eun Cho is now

Now Nam Eun Cho is an acting competing bodybuilder, preparing for the next start in the arena of the elite division IFBB

Massive wheels!

Building an ideal form is not an easy task. This requires great dedication and effort that every bodybuilder does not have. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses in the matter of muscle building up to the genetic level. A bodybuilder can have big hands, but frustrating legs. That’s what makes beasts like Phil Heath and Big Ramy so impressive that they are genetically gifted in most parts of the body.

However, some bodybuilders have such incredibly gifted muscular development in a certain part of the body that it becomes the highlight of their body. Nam Eun Cho is one of those bodybuilders.

IFBB pro, which begins to receive a ton of recognition, Nam Eun Cho is a South Korean bodybuilder with some of the most impressive legs in the game. When you begin to compare with the great Tom Platz, a man known for his insane ATV, then you really have some crazy wheels.

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