Khaladzhi Dmitry: Biography and Records of the Hero

Surely not everyone knows the name of the most powerful person on our planet. Meet Dmitry Khaladzhi. This unique man is powerful and powerful and has beaten numerous records that were officially registered. The power of this man delights all who see him. Dmitry has long become a popular favorite and he is often shown on various talk shows. In 2004, Dmitry Khaladzhi, a hero from Donbass, was recognized as the strongest person in the world. 


The strong man was born in a small town located in the Donetsk region called Komsomolskoye in 1979. I must say that he inherited a lot of growth and weight from the family line. Dima’s father is a real Greek, named Vasily Vasilyevich. All his life he worked on an ordinary construction site and entertained his colleagues by twisting a poker or an iron crowbar into a mutton horn. But the grandfather of the boy on the maternal line, his surname Afendiktov, also in his time was a famous person, famous for the whole district with remarkable strength. According to legend, he addressed Emperor Nicholas II himself, when he put a huge bear in opposition to him holding it with only his left arm.


As already clear, the baby grew strong and active, and most importantly, healthy. But, at the age of four, a terrible thing happened: Dimochka poured a kettle with steep boiling water on himself. His body received 35% burns, and no one could even think about the child becoming a champion. At that time there was a more important question: would the little boy survive. And here Dimochka began to show unprecedented perseverance. The child had to survive seven operations and 12 blood transfusions. Now, the strong man remembers that his burnt skin was removed with ease, like flaps with huge tweezers. The kid spent almost three years stuck in bed, but he fought and did not give up. Thanks to this ambition, as well as the care of family and friends, he began to recover, and soon was healthy.

In 1994 Khaladzhi Dmitry Vasilievich graduated from the secondary school of his town and decided to study further. Four more years passed and he became a student of the Industrial Technical School and after that, he decided to enter the Donetsk Institute in an economic direction.

Curious Facts About the Strong Man

There are many surprising myths about this man. We will dispel the myths and tell only the truth and no more. Dmitri Khaladzhi is a hero, whose growth is currently 185 centimeters, and with a weight of 120 kilograms. The giant has a slanting sazhen in his shoulders and a wisp of curly hair flutters on his head. He is, by birth, half Greek and half Ukrainian. His first record was dedicated to his native land, namely, the Donetsk coal miners. Hercules will raise a coal block weighing 152 kilograms on its mighty head, and he will do so without much effort with only one hand. With this performance, he managed to break the record of an ancient athlete, who was called Bibon, who lived in the XI century even before our era. This man lifted a stone, weighing 143 kilograms, but with two hands. So ancient history says.

Dmitry Khaladji set a bench press record in 2009 at the 1st Ukrainian Doping Federation Championship of Powerlifting (275 kg). Even more surprising is the next record, where he was nicknamed the “Devil’s Forge”. Three strong concrete blocks weighing more than 700 kilograms were placed on the chest of the strong man, one at a time. They were all smashed with the single blow of a sledgehammer. The trick was that the champion lay not just on the floor, but on nails. Khaladzhi Dmitry told us that even in his childhood he developed a strong will and morale. At the age of 17, the boy first showed a class in his district and lifted the car, and then began to unbend the horseshoes and tear the iron chains for the joy of other people. Also, our hero moonlighted as a rescuer and manages to draw people out from under the cars that crushed them. He easily broke open the doors, raised the hoods, and pulled out the engines with one arm. The main character trait of a strong man is modesty. Dmitry Khalaji is always stingy for an interview, as he does not like to boast about his achievements in sports.

Moving to America

Such a bright talent could not fail to notice. So it happened, producers from America offered the strong man a very good contract, where he had to go around the whole country on advantageous terms. 

Khalaji Dmitry agreed and, for ten months, visited more than forty states in the U.S. The audience was delighted and Khalaji was offered a permanent stay in America, promising many benefits, citizenship, and help in buying low-interest housing on a loan. Here, the hero became thoughtful, the proposal for him was definitely tempting. although his career in the U.S. was developing very successfully, he missed his native country and house very much. But, everything was decided by His Majesty the case when the strong man received a favorable offer to take part in the film “Ivan Sila”. Khaladzhi Dmitry, whose biography is full of interesting events, throws his contract in the U.S. and returns, in the middle of his tour.

Family Support

For many years, standing next to Dmitry has been his favorite woman, Inna. He met his wife at home in their native land, where the girl worked as a hairdresser. Shortly after meeting, Dmitry left work and became engaged only to the beloved person who went on to marry him and accompany him on all tours, even going with him to America. According to Khalaji, for him, Innochka is everything: Support, hope, and more support. Only she helped her spouse morally in his American tour so that he would not become so depressed when he missed his city, his family, and his friends. After returning from the States, Dmitry’s wife decides to start her own business and she opens a shoe store in her home town. The couple had a daughter named Anastasia. The girl, like her dad, is active in sports, but she gives preference to dances.

Dmitry Khaladzhi: Records of the Strong Man

Dmitry raised a stone that weighs 152 kilograms. This is almost ten kilograms more than raised by the medieval athlete Bibon. Twisting the heaviest weights with both hands. One weighed 50.5 kilograms and the second weighed 40.5 kilograms. With his right hand, he performed six lifts in just 46 seconds. The left hand did 8 lifts in 49 seconds. On his little fingers, the athlete raised a cross, hung with weights weighing 39.5 kilograms and 38.5 kilograms. It was only a minute and thirty seconds for tying a dozen nails in the length of 20 centimeters. Next, Dmitri Khaladzhi performed the trick, “Devil’s Forge,” by laying quietly on the nails while holding three plates on his chest. Their total weight was 700 kilograms. They were beaten in turn by a sledgehammer. For 12.5 seconds, a heavy pipe was lifted, weighing 1.022 tons.

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