Kai Green Nicknamed “Predator” and His Road to Star Status

“Increasing the mountain of muscles is half the battle, but you also need to be able to profitably sell yourself,” said the bodybuilder, Kai Green. Thanks to his super muscular and artistic gifts, he did the best of both worlds. Mandatory posing turned into a solo performance. His ability to smoothly change the poses and demonstrate the moves made him the envy of the men of bodybuilding.

“Posing is an opportunity to popularize bodybuilding and visually show the possibilities of the body. It’s a shame for me to go to the podium and stand as a post. I say, “always welcome the creative”. I am more than myself, than an artist, and a masterpiece. I’m Kai Green.”

Childhood Star

Kai Greene was born in a maternity hospital in Brooklyn in 1975. Because of the irresponsibility of his parents when he was just 6 years old, the boy found himself in an orphanage. Over the next 10 years, he was adopted several times, but life in other people’s families did not develop. Constant travel and adaptation to new conditions put pressure on his psyche. To throw out negative emotions, the boy began to carry weights. This was inspired by the stars of action games: Schwarzenegger and Stallone. Then, it was difficult to imagine that in 2009 and 2010, he would receive rewards from the hands of an idol.


kai greene 3 weeks out


At heart, the teenager knew that he was born for performances on stage, but creative imagination did not interfere with the training. He imagined that the body is an artist’s canvas and it is possible to draw muscles on it, using sports equipment instead of a brush. At that time he was only 12 years old.

In the 7th grade, his English teacher paid attention to the athletic abilities of the pupil and organized his participation in interschool competitions. Kai realized that he was superior in strength and stamina to the rest and decided methenolone enanthate to show himself off in all his glory. To do this, he took up training and quickly gained muscle mass. Sometimes, for restoring his strength, he ate and slept whole days, forgetting everything in the world.

First Achievements

The first victory in 14 years among teenagers opened the way to competitive bodybuilding. After receiving 2 prestigious victories in junior national competitions, Kai took a break to bring his body to perfection and reach a new level. In the early photos, you can see that the guy had a beautiful body but just did not get muscle masses. He was engaged in the tight basement of the 5th Avenue Gym in Brooklyn, where he managed to make the necessary acquaintances when he worked as a janitor there and stood at the reception desk.


kai greene


Kai Green in his youth was not only an athletic figure but also an outrageous appearance. Attention was attracted by the long braids that were falling from his otherwise shaved head. From a distance, his appearance resembled the four-armed hero, Goro, from Mortal Combat.

About Nutrition

The experience of older mates helped to gain the champion’s form. At 18 years old, Kai Green’s weight reached 118 kg. To squeeze 228 kg and crouch 360 times, he needed energy. For each day he ate about 200 eggs or 30 lean breasts. Later, after his trainer perfected his diet, the menu included: 1.5 kg of meat, 20 eggs, a couple of cups of oatmeal, rice, potatoes. Over time, his portions were decreased because the menu began to include a meat isolate from the sponsor MuscleMeds.

In 2015, the athlete had established his own production of food additives and began testing them on himself.

How to Start the Path to Fame

At 19 years, the dry weight of his muscles was 96 kg; at 20, he’d already increased by 9 kg. The fantastic successes, he explained, were due to concentration on the result and the desire to achieve the goal. Since 1994, his name was often found in the tournament tables of national competitions and alternative NPCs. By 1999, there were already 25 appearances in the track record. In the same year, he took the 6th position in Slovakia at the World Championships.

About how the career developed in the next 5 years, the story is silent. All people will say is that the guy wandered around friends and tried to somehow survive.

In 2004, the name of Green thundered all over the world. The athlete won the Team Universe at Heavyweight. After the victory, Kachok stated that he was ready to receive the PRO-card, but on this account, the judges had a different opinion. Since the bodybuilder did not participate in NPC Nationals and NPC USA and on NewYork Pro-2005 he moved to the 15th place.


bodybuilder kay green


Next year, the result was even worse. The perseverance and motivation of Kai Green can be envied. Gritting his teeth, the athlete continued to work until the seventh sweat.

“I do not want anyone to outstrip me in strength and parameters.”

This motto helped in 2007 to win the “Colorado PRO”.

In 2008, the athlete appeared in the Arnold Classic and took the bronze, giving way to Dexter Jackson and Phil Heath. After the tournament, Kai went to an operation to remove a hernia. The two-month break forced the Olympic 2008 to pass. The bodybuilder recalls that when he looked in the mirror, he doubted he would be able to regain the lost form.

But suddenly, the great trainer Charles Glass appeared and helped Kay get to his feet. He advised the guy on the phone and 3 months before the start, he came to Los Angeles. He corrected the training program of Kai Green for the mass. Now for the whole body, it took 2 times less time. For the tournament in 2009, Kai at 172 cm height weighed 135 kg and looked “drier” than before. He began to compare with Ronnie Coleman and for him, there was a prediction of a great future. The athlete did not disappoint the fans and won at the Arnold Classic, outscoring the favorite tournament favorite, Victor Martinez.

Anthropometric data

  • At the peak of the shape, the weight of Green is 115 kg;
  • diameter of the biceps – 56 cm;
  • torso – 149 cm;
  • Hip circumference – 86 cm.



Features of Green Training

Later, the bodybuilder worked at Powerhouse Jim, the best hall in the city.

“I went there to work side by side with Dorian Yates and Flex Wheeler and spy for the training of eminent bodybuilders.”

For pumping his back, Kai Green avoided standards.

“I do not claim that the thickness of my back was increased by a dead bolt or T-neck draft in the slope . I decided to pause on the crossbar between sets . So I wanted to strengthen the connection between the muscles and the brain. Soon I noticed the results, and began to optimally cut muscles at peak points in all exercises. It was healthy to stimulate hypertrophy. “

Kai Greene also shook his legs according to his methods. The chip is the pull of Jefferson. It was she who ensured the separation of the hips and buttocks, which the bodybuilder is giving a trump.

“I saw it from Guy Ducasus. The principle is simple: you grip the neck between your knees and start squatting. “

In preparation for Olympia, the bodybuilder attended the hall twice a day. One training was dedicated to cardio and basic exercises, the second – to target techniques and posing.

Despite the titanic efforts in 2009, at Olympia, he showed the, 4th result. In recent years, the career has gone up. In the piggy bank – 3 place at Olympia, 2 and 3 places on the “Arnold Classic” from 2011- 2013. At the same tournament in 2016, as well as in Australia and Brazil, the athlete won 3 wins.


kai greene training


Another life of an athlete

Ironically, in life Kai ascetic and conservative. Until 2012, he lived in a rented apartment, until he bought a townhouse in a prestigious area of Brooklyn. He avoids social gatherings, does not upload photos of steep wheelbarrows in the Instagram, but constantly:

  • shares the network with fresh photos, showing from different angles the beauty of 140 kg of muscles;
  • exposes the last videotraining;
  • prepares for the next Olympia.


In the filmography of Green, there are 2 films. In 2016, the tape, “Very strange deeds,” came out and 3 years earlier, the “Iron Generation” saw the light. The Internet exploded a well-known scene of copulation of liberated pitching with watermelon and citrus. Online, you can find a video for a gay site, where he became the main character in a frank video session. The authenticity of the videos is in doubt and the 42-year-old bodybuilder does not comment on this.

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