Cute athlete fans know about the sexual figure and graceful movements. Anllela on the pages of social networks regularly puts out candid photos, inspiring precise forms for sports. Ten million followers in instagrama admire the aesthetics of the body and generously put on huskies. The girl’s Facebook page is full of hundreds of comments to each post and compliments of admiring men. According to her video on YouTube, hundreds of people are involved.


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Subscribers help to make good money on advertising, selling author’s trainings. She achieved such successes in 4 years, accidentally took 3rd place in the competition. Since then, her life has changed radically. But before that I had to sweat in the hall or in many respects to limit myself.

Leafing the biography

The name Anllela Sagra has different interpretations of translations. In the native language the name is written by Anllela. The girl was born on 6/10/1993 in Colombia. At 18, I began to seriously engage in fitness. Before that time, I tried to build a modeling career and participated in several shows. To buy a subscription in the hall inspired the desire to improve the forms and gain weight. With the help of a personal trainer, the girl made a program, regime, diet and worked hard.


anllela sagra


A few months later, the phytonya took part in local competitions under the name “El Clasico Paisa” in the city of Medellin, where 25 nominees competed for the championship. The third result in the “fitness bikini” category gave confidence and stimulated colombian fitness model further sports feats. Overnight, Anllela Sagra became a media person and received several promotional offers. She represents products of the company 1Up Nutrition, receives high fees for shooting in well-known publications. Will the young lady in popularity be ahead of Michel Levin and Larissa Reis will be shown time.

Shape options

For 4 years Angela achieved excellent results.

  • height – 174 cm;
  • weight – 57.9 kg;
  • bust – 84 cm;
  • waist diameter – 61;
  • hips – 89.

“Sports has forever changed my life. Every day I notice how the body changes, muscles become stronger. Many people stopped me, assuring me that the figure would become square and lose its femininity, but I continued to train, deciding in parallel how to proceed. “

Angel had something to think about. Since childhood, she dreamed of conquering the podium, but judging by the successes in the sport, fate had different plans on this score. The athlete relied at random, leaving everything as is.

The popularity in social networks was evidence of the correctness of the decision. A year later the number of subscribers in the instagram reached 1 million. Communication with sports fans in the network and discussion of problems related to weight loss and fitness pushed Angel to create a universal training program. It consists of 3 modules for people with different levels of training: initial, intermediate, advanced.


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Recommendations from the star instagram

The girl is selling the course, so there is no free software available. However, Anllela Sagra often lays out video with the complexes for all muscle groups. Users can only repeat the movements after the phytonax. For beginners, she advises starting a diary and contributing all the information , from the number of repetitions to the volume of the body. Annelle explains that the weekly totals allow you to monitor the dynamics and correct the process.

  • For those who work to develop strength, the girl advises each exercise to perform with a weight of 6 to 10 times;
  • endurance up to 25;
  • for those who train superhardness and willpower – 30 and above;
  • beginners have only one set , the rest – 2-4.

Favorite Exercises

  • deadlift with dumbbells;
  • press presses;
  • leg lifts in the simulator, on a direct bench;
  • mahi dumbbells in slope ;
  • different types of traction;
  • leg lifts in the vise;
  • thrust rod;
  • basic complex on the buttocks;
  • plyometric exercises;
  • cardio on the treadmill.


colombian fitness model



Fitonyashka does not count each calorie, but knows how useful each product is. Morning starts with a glass of water. The daily ration distributes for 4 meals, focusing on proteins and vegetables. Favorite foods are eggs, poultry, protein bars. The feeling of hunger is satisfied by green apples, tomatoes, leaf salad. The power system is built on 3-day cycles.

  1. On Monday, she completely ignores carbohydrates;
  2. on Tuesday allows 200 g;
  3. on Wednesday eats 2 times more.

Once a week, a girl arranges a “McDonald’s Day”, spoiling herself with fried potatoes, burger, peanuts.




“I’m not here to be like everyone else”

In an interview two years ago, Anllela Sagra said that Michael Jordan’s quote helps to achieve goals. Another athlete told about her hobbies. She loves adventurous adventure, ride on a roller coaster, delicious food, Disneyland. Preferred electronic music, enjoys watching films with Stallone. Bypasses the side of stupid and lazy people. At the end of the interview, she recommended more body work and develop willpower.

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