Two Brazilian brothers with sizes of biceps more than 70 centimeters have shared the secret of their incredible magnitude: regular chemical injections.

49-year-old Tony “Hulk” Geraldo and 50-year-old Alvaro “Conan” Pereira used harmful chemicals since adolescence and they claimed this helped them achieve such impressionable external results.

Brothers from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, claim that there was a time when they “wanted to become big,” but now they believe that the current situation is under their control.

In addition to regular injections, the brothers also work together every day in the gym for hours and adhere to a strict diet.

Geraldo said that he eats every three hours; as a rule, it is an egg, sweet potatoes, and meat. Pereira eats four meals a day, both trying to consume between 4000 and 6000 calories a day.

Before training, they often throw 12 bananas and egg white from 6 eggs into their mouths. At the same time, there were times when the brothers were so huge that they could hardly walk through the door.

Pereira periodically, from the age of 15, used a drug known as Potenay B12. The younger brother has followed in his footsteps since he was 18 years old.

The men explain that they started to introduce chemicals because both felt as if they were “too skinny” As a teenager, Heraldo weighed 49 kg and Pereira weighed 70 kg.

Pereira says, “Then we were [dependent]. Not today. I have everything under control. The people around me did not let me go the wrong way, and I did the same with my brother. He always wants to be more, to which I always answer him, that we must be careful.”

The brothers inject the chemical cyclically (twice a week with a 5-day break).

Now each of Geraldo’s convex biceps in coverage has a size of more than 70 centimeters, while his brother can boast of biceps size of 63 centimeters.

It is not at all surprising that their main inspirer is Arnold Schwarzenegger, in particular, they are delighted with his role as Conan Varvara.

Not so long ago, the bodybuilding physician insisted that they stop making injections of the drug, as these injections affect their health, and also because their skin can no longer stretch.

Note that Potenay B12 is used only for animals for veterinary purposes, mainly applied to horses. But in Brazil, there is an increase in the number of people who inject this kind of dope to become bigger and faster.

As for the Pereira family, in particular, the wife, whom he met at the gym, and his seven children, they fully support the man in the desire to look powerful.

Geraldo’s situation is different: he is the father of 3 children, he is married for 27 years and his wife does not agree that her husband would continue to harass himself with unnecessary injections.

His family has always been particularly concerned about the fact that Geraldo uses Potenay B12 because he has high blood pressure, to which he told his wife that she can live with him or quit.

Tony says: “My wife does not like this. However, I am pleased with myself. She must accept me this way or we will have to part ways and go different ways. Usually, I tell my wife how to get rid of subcutaneous fat that she is the only one who does not love me. Other women like my size, they like it. Once we passed near my gym and I told her: ‘Look if you do not want to be with me, there are a few more girls who want it.’ And then I pointed out to her all the girls who came to talk with me. “

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