Nowadays, the bodybuilding industry is full of surprises. Just a decade ago, the bodybuilding world was still seen as a kind of niche industry, even though many exercises used to strengthen and conditioning in other sports were born out of bodybuilding and weight training. As we move further into the future, we began to see changes in the industry. Never before had bodybuilding been so mainstream. Countless people have used bodybuilding as not only a means to change their lives but also for life, as for others. Calum bon Moger and Bradley Martyn are two people who perfectly fit this form.

Calum von Moger’s claim to fame is that he looks like the young Arnold Schwarzenegger, and although this may be true, the Australian bodybuilder turned out to be his own man. With his lively YouTube channel, von Moeger gave his fans a window into the world of bodybuilding outside the IFBB. He creates motivational videos and offers content that shows his performances at numerous contests.

Bradley Martin is a coach who once participated in male body contests before concentrating on his current business. Bradley Martin may be known as a guy who likes to shoot crazy exercises in the gym, but his online training programs have been designed to help people who want to make some qualitative changes in his physique.

Now, Kalum von Mohger and Bradley Martin are united, not just for the training video. This time they have an important announcement for their fans.

Bradley Martyn

Childhood: at the age of six, Bradley lost his father when he committed suicide. Mom was forced to raise her son alone. As a teenager, he was actively interested in football and many predicted the future of Bradley as a professional football player. B. Martin’s mother, whenever possible, tried to visit every game of her beloved son, regardless of whether it was a competition or a friendly match.

Youth: At fifteen, Bradley decided to build muscle to achieve greater success in sports, and, as is often the case, a simple hobby became his life credo.

His passion for bodybuilding was stronger than the desire to build a successful career in football. Bradley Martin’s best friends are iron sports equipment and a stubborn desire to become the best bodybuilder. Morning and evening have become synonymous with training for Bradley. Living a healthy lifestyle, he, himself, becomes the pride of his beloved mother and those who are envious of their peers. Night parties are not for him. Sport became his life.

At the same time, Bradley enters the University of Tennessee, where he successfully receives the profession of a personal trainer. He actively combined training with work and achieved great respect not only for his clients but also for his colleagues in simulators.

2011 was a real chance to get into people for Bradley. The pilot project “Men’s Physique” became the starting point for the future bodybuilding star. Here he takes the eighth place, then he is covered by a series of victories in major championships.

In 2014, B.Martin creates his own channel in the world of YouTube, and the site, in turn, makes a real discovery of the sports industry itself Bradley.

Naturally, the bodybuilding star cannot rest on the achieved, holding the opinion that there is no limit to perfection. 2016 gives the world the brand name of Bradley Martin “BMFIT”.

2018: Bradley Martin left the ranks of speakers on stage. Instead, he made the whole world of the Internet his scene. Los Angeles became his city and social networks in his world. Bradley Martin devotes all his free time to promoting his workings and training systems on the Internet. More than two and a half million subscribers became its public, and their number is growing at a tremendous speed.

Pages on social networks are overflowed with positive reviews, admiring comments, and wishes in the success of dedicated fans. For many, the lifestyle and Bradley Martin himself became an idol. Girls are dreaming of such a boyfriend, and the boys of the whole world are trying to become like him.

Boring life is not for Bradley, he is constantly improving not only his own body and health but also hard training with the endless complication of dangerous tricks. A lot of systems, exercises, and a huge flurry of motivation subscribers receive from Bradley Martin daily.

Income: more than $ 1,700,000 per year.

Relations and family: this side of Bradley tries not to advertise. Whether the heart of the prince of bodybuilding is free or whether it remains covered with a veil of mystery.

Victories and achievements: 

  • “NPC Southern California Championships” – the highest score and the first prize.
  • “NPC USA Championships” – the second place in the junior branch.
  • “NPC Phil Heath Classic” – recognized as the best.

Calum Von Moger

Born Kalum Von Moger (sometimes pronounced by Kalum Von Moger) on June 9, 1990, in a small town called Victoria, Australia. In addition to Kalum, there were five children in their family. They lived on a family ranch, where there was enough work for everyone.

Kalum Von Moger from childhood was a very active child. As soon as there was a free moment, he went out to play football with his older brother. When Calum turned 14, his family moved to the city of Geelong, which is on the ocean coast.

Kalum Von Moger was a thin child. To gain weight, they made their way with the older brother in the evenings to the local warehouse, where there were old, rusty bars, and there they trained. Then Kalum trained at the local gym, while he studied at the school for two years.

After graduation, Kalum Von Moger enters the University of Melbourne. However, soon he lost interest in studying and returned home in six months. He is studying in absentia and receives a diploma for a personal trainer. The next summer, he flies to the United States, where he works as an instructor in a children’s camp for teenagers aged 8 to 16 years. Also, Kalum Von Moger worked as a guide for several years, and in parallel trained, improving his form.

In October 2010, Kalum Von Moger performed for the first time on the stage of the ANB Victorian Bodybuilding Championship tournament, which was held among juniors 19+. Kalum began to form the form to the competitive level two weeks before the tournament and eventually took the 1 st place.

In 2011, Kalum Von Moger received a letter from a friend named Simon Faulkner, who invited him to meet with the president of the federation of NABBA, Graham Lansfield. As a result, Graham invited him to speak at the tournament Mr. Universe among juniors, who that year was held in the city of Baden, Austria. Kalum begins training and then flies to Austria, where he takes 1st place in the tournament.

In 2013, Kalum Von Moger turns to professionals, and the WFF Federation Universe Universe takes part in the tournament, where he takes 1st place. A year later, in 2014, Kalum Von Moger returns to the tournament to defend his title, and the second time he becomes the Mister Universe.

In 2015, Kalum Von Moger wins for the third time in the tournament “Mr. Universe”. After these victories, he moves to Los Angeles and directs his gaze to the newly created category of “Classic Physique”, which is ideal for him.

To date, Kalum Von Moger lives and trains in Los Angeles. In 2017, he is going to make his debut in the category of “Classic Physique” IFBB, where his main rivals will be Sadiq Hadzowik, Arash Rahbar, and Olympia winner 2016 Danny Hester.

Training program

Monday: Back

  • The thrust of the upper block on the Hammer 4×10-15 simulator (SuperSet)
  • Pullovers with a cable 4х10-15
  • Thrust to the chest on the lower back 3×10-12 (Superset)
  • Thrust to the chest on middle back 3×10-12
  • Thrust block with a narrow grip 3х10-12 (SuperSet)
  • Thrust with one hand 3х10-12
  • Hyperextension 2х15

Tuesday: Chest

  • Simulator Pec Deck 3х10-15
  • Chest press in a slope upwards 3х10-12
  • Gym simulator from the chest 3×10-12
  • The layout on the simulator is a butterfly 3×10-12
  • Press of dumbbells lying 3х10-12
  • Press down on the simulator 3×10-12

Wednesday: Quadriceps

  • Leg extension on the simulator 4 x 10-15
  • Foot press for 45 degrees 4×10-15
  • Sit-ups on simulator Smith 3х10-15
  • Single bench press 3 x 10-15
  • Vertical bench press 3 x 10-15

Thursday: Hands / Press

  • Lifting of the rod in the standing position 4х10-15
  • Bending of hands 3×10-15
  • Bending of hands on the simulator 3-10-15
  • The thrust of the block 4х10-15
  • Extension with a barbell 3×10-15
  • Extension on the simulator 3×10-15 (Supertet giant)
  • Rises of legs 3х20
  • Rises of legs bent at the knees 3×20
  • Rises on the simulator 3×20

Friday: Shoulder / Caviar

  • Press on the simulator 3×10-15
  • Side elevations 3×10-15
  • Lifting dumbbells above your head 3×10-15
  • Breeding to the rear deltas 3×10-15
  • Bench press sitting 3x break
  • Rises in calves sitting 5×10-20

Saturday: Rest


Sunday: Rest

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