Why Take 100 mg Testosterone Cypionate per Week?

100 mg testosterone cypionate

100 mg testosterone cypionate per week is intended for people of thin build or ectomorphs, without problem fat deposition, who tend to add body weight in a short time. If you add three servings of this sports supplement to your regular diet and will be systematically engaged in bodybuilding, then your weight will begin to grow steadily. For people with fast metabolic rates, this is sometimes not enough, so you have to include additional sports supplements and raise the calorie content of your daily diet. People who are inclined to corpulence or endomorphs are not recommended to take 100 mg of testosterone cypionate per week, since most carbohydrates will be deposited in adipose tissue, therefore it is wiser to consider protein mixtures as an additive, and carbohydrates to consume predominantly slow ones.

Also, 100 mg of testosterone cypionate per week is well suited for athletes, boxers, football players, basketball players and other athletes who are subjected to prolonged aerobic exercise. The use of 100 mg of testosterone cypionate per week before exercise allows you to maintain a high level of energy during classes and games, and after training helps to restore strength and muscle. If you follow the correct diet and 100 mg testosterone cypionate per week intake, you can easily keep your weight at the right level. Modern testosterone cypionate is well suited not only for muscle gain, but also as an energy and reducing agent.

How to Take Testosterone Cypionate

In bodybuilding, the most appropriate time for admission is 100 mg of testosterone cypionate per week. At this point, the so-called protein-carbohydrate window opens, which can fully close the testosterone cypionate. This will allow the athlete to quickly recover strength, regenerate muscle tissue, suppress catabolic processes and replenish depleted energy reserves.

100 mg testosterone cypionate in syringe

Also testosterone cypionate can be taken before training. The advantage of this point in time is that the body will receive an energy substrate – carbohydrates, which will allow you to train more intensively and longer, and a high concentration of amino acids will suppress catabolism from the very beginning of training. However, there is a significant disadvantage in this – during the training there will be no fat loss, and the probability of its increase will increase.

Some recommend taking 100 mg of testosterone cypionate at another time, two, three or even four times a day. There is a reasonable basis for this, if you want to increase the mass as quickly as possible and are not at all inclined to be overweight, otherwise you risk gaining weight mainly due to fat. It is much more reasonable to take 100 mg of testosterone cypionate per week.

100 mg Testosterone Cypionate per Week: Combination with Other Sports Nutrition

100 mg of testosterone cypionate per week goes well with creatine. Carbohydrates and proteins included in it help better and faster assimilate creatine. They can be mixed in one cocktail and taken after training.

In addition, in order to make bodybuilding as productive as possible, it is also desirable to take protein, a pre-training complex and a vitamin-mineral complex. It goes well with anabolic complexes.

Never take testosterone cypionate during cutting cycles, weight loss, and relief work.

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