Jonathan Delarosa was born on May 29, 1984 in New York. His parents, immigrants from the Dominican Republic, worked hard to give Jonathan and his brother all the best. For this they emigrated to the United States. The DeLaRossa family settled in Washington-Hight, Manhattan, where the bulk of the population were emigrants from the Dominican Republic. Jonathan was educated at the “Good Shepherd” school under the Catholic Church.

Jonathan’s father, William, was fond of bodybuilding, and there was an abundance of culture magazines in their house. Jonathan liked to flip through these magazines and dreamed of being like the chalco-like champions from the magazine pages and his father, who was the most muscular among the fathers of his peers. His father became his first coach and helped him in the formulation of training and nutrition programs.


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In addition to bodybuilding, Jonathan played on the school basketball team. He was also attracted by school football coaches and invited to play on their teams. Even then, Jonathan stood out among his contemporaries with his massive musculature. For three years he continued to play on two school teams, participating in various tournaments. His sports days were stopped suddenly due to severe trauma to the sacrum and coccyx.

Jonathan suffered 2 weeks of pain and continued to go to school, but the pain became unbearable and he turned to the doctor. After the X-ray, it turned out that an infection began to accumulate in the destroyed bone tissues and he was in need of an urgent surgical operation. Rehabilitation lasted six months. Jonathan was given fresh bandages 3 times a day.




A festering wound could not be stitched. For six months of bed rest, DeLaRoss lost almost all of the muscle mass gained in the previous years of training. When the wound healed, and the doctors gave him permission for further training, Jonathan began to train unusually intensely and fanatically.

After 2 years, his childhood dream is realized and DeLaRossa finally becomes a competing bodybuilder. In 2007, he participated in several tournaments at once, taking second place in the tournaments “Eastern USA Championship” and “New York Metropolitan Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships” in the category of heavyweights. The first victory of Jonathan DeLaRossa came in 2011 in the US Championship in the heavyweight category. Here, he received a professional IFBB card and began to perform at professional tournaments. The debut took place on the stage of the tournament “New York Pro” in 2012, where Jonathan took the fifth place. DeLaRossa competes a lot in 2012-2014, taking high places. In 2014, Jonathan DeLaRossa made his debut at Olimpia, where he took the 14th place.


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Jon Explains What He Means When He Says, “F#ck Hope.”

We stopped to see Jonathan DeLaRossa, sponsored by Nutrition Locker, to talk with the bodybuilding expert. We also wanted to help spread John’s message of hope (well, in fact, his message that there really is hope). It sounds pretty pessimistic, but if you look at the video, you’ll soon find out why John Delorosa accepted the message, “F#ck hope”. You may be surprised at what he has to say. So, let’s just say, fuck him for the rest of the day, drop back and enjoy our exclusive interview with John Delorosa. Well, we’re done.


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