Jerry Ward is a bodybuilder and well-known social fitness guru. In the mid-90s Ward got into personal training and, a few years later, began to engage in fitness. His popularity began to rise in 2010, when he used social media such as Youtube to talk about contentious materials for fitness, including the use of steroids and other drugs in the fitness industry. He is registered at 5’9 “and his weight varies between  200 and 225 pounds, for the most part. He recently announced that he would cut to 200 pounds.

Ward started competing at age 17 and said he was very nervous. In his early 40s, he participated in many famous shows during his career. His best finish took 2nd place at the World Championships in bodybuilding and figure skating in the Valley of the League and 3rd place at the Grand Prix of the Capitol in 2015.


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Fitness Beliefs

Some of Ward’s fitness recommendations have been controversial for many years. He said he no longer makes complex movements and adheres to higher isolation due to injuries and also because he has already “set the clock”. He also does not believe in pyramid schemes or what are called “drop kits”, where you reduce weight to make more repetitions.


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Ward is the advocate of HIIT cardio, which is a high-intensity interval training. He also likes to switch to a low-intensity heart muscle if he is already at a lower fat level. As far as nutrition is concerned, he mainly preaches about pure foods, such as chicken, rice and vegetables.

It’s been a couple of days, and everyone is still talking about the fight between Pina and Trucc, which occurred at the weekend in LA Fit Expo.



Now another former 5 Percenter – Jerry Ward discussed the drama that caused the Mac Trucc to attack Rich in the middle of the show.

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