The US Army is testing a new system for assessing the physical data of personnel, which in some ways resembles cross-training.

The introduction of a new test of physical abilities is aimed at deeper and more comprehensive physical training, as well as the prevention of injuries among soldiers and officers. It is worth noting that the innovation has no gender or age distinctions.

Major General Malcolm Frost: “These changes have been brewing for a long time. The physical training of the regular army is rather depressing. Some fighters have injuries, others simply cannot perform simple exercises. ”


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The basis for the planned changes in physical fitness is the experience of the training of “Seals” and “Green Berets,” which have a rather long history of using exercises similar to those used in a crossfire.

The current test was developed in the 80s (the “Cold War” period) and largely reflects the racing boom of that time. In addition, the army leadership did not consider the conduct of hostilities by ground forces as something very important, giving preference to aviation, the navy, and, of course, to nuclear weapons.

What about the novelty? It will require the subjects to have better physical training. The test will be delivered twice a year. The standards are still unknown.

1. Deadlift

The meaning is this: the fighter is looking for 3PM in the deadlift with a trap-stamp. The initial weight is 56 kg, the final weight is 192 kg. The step of increasing weight is unknown.




2. Throw 4.5 kg of Medbola Through Yourself

Exercise, which is estimated by the range of the throw and, for some soldiers, looks strange and useless. But this is not so. It mimics the movement, “In which soldiers storming the building, they put their comrades into a window above human growth,” Colonel Dale Snyder said in an interview for The Wall Street Journal. Dale has been in hot spots four times and obviously knows what he’s talking about.

3. Push-ups From the Floor

The athlete lays down and bends his hands, finding himself in the lower position, and then, laying his chest on the floor, puts his hands to his sides, as if forming the letter “T”. The army leadership believes that it makes it easier to evaluate push-ups, and the movement itself becomes more complicated.

4. “Shuttle” Walk of the Farmer with the Thrust of Sleighs

Fuddies from the army combined two exercises at once: a farmer’s walk and the thrust of a sleigh. The test is to overcome part of the 250 distance with kettlebells in the hands (18 kg each), and the part with 40 kg sleds behind. Many people speak about this test as the most complicated among the presented ones.




5. Trays of the Knees to the Elbows

We are accustomed to perceive this exercise as a variant of scaling trays to the crossbar. It should be born in mind that the army version of “knees to the elbows” implies the use of a neutral grip along the crossbar.

6. Running at 3.2 Kilometers

The only task taken from the still applied test for assessing the physical fitness of personnel.

Sports Physical Training is Now in the Army

A new system for assessing physical preparedness was introduced in 2018. It is rumored that all this is the result of an increase in the number of fighters suffering from obesity (17% in 2017 compared to 13% in the past) and the growth of crossfire popularity among the civilian population.

It’s no secret that when you are in the army, you need to be in incredible shape. But this does not necessarily mean that you will have a massive physique. Fitness in the army is more connected with the functional force than with anything else. But the soldier trains so much that he stands above the rest. Looking for motivation on Monday? Get it in the peaks with this hardcore motivational video showing a genuinely athletic soldier.


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