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Already at the age of 18, when preparing for the competition, Rich Piana gets acquainted with steroids. As he claims, everything started with the usual injections of testosterone and decaduroboline. These injections played a role, and after eight weeks his bench increased by 25 kg, and the body weight of 12 kg of which 10 kg was pure muscle mass. Thanks to these results, the following competitions among juniors were won.

Inspired by such rapid success, Rich continued to experiment with his body. According to unofficial data, the polymers used were polymethylmethacrylate. This is a synthetic polymer used as a substitute for a shatterproof glass that is not removed from the body. The use of this drug is prohibited in America by law, so Pian went to do similar procedures anella sagra in neighboring Mexico. Even in spite of his talkativeness, Rich tried to keep silent about it. In what Piana frankly admitted was also the use of synthol, a drug for increasing the muscles and giving them an ideal shape. According to him, this was a short-term course and after that he did not use this steroid anymore, considering it foam roll lower back to be too harmful to his health.


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At the peak of his form and not without the help of anabolics, his physical data was quite impressive. With a height of 185 cm and weight during the competition – 118 kg, the volume of his biceps was – 57 cm, wrists – 22.9, forearm – 49 cm. His dimensions corresponded to his physical capabilities:

  • bench press 225 kg in three approaches;
  • deadlift 265 kg in one approach;
  • squatting with a barbell of 265 kg in two sets;
  • lifting the bar to the biceps 125 kg in three approaches

Unfortunately, despite all medical experiments to increase muscle volume, it’s hard to call his professional career success. Victories at competitions came only at competitions of local scale, and on national levels, most often the sportsman did not get even in the top ten. The most significant achievements were the seventh (1999) and the sixth (2003) places in the American Heavyweight Championship. Among the local competitions, his best wins were the first place in the Championship of Los Angeles (2003), the victory in the Sacramento Championship, and the Border States Championship (2009).


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Strongly determined to get rich, by all means, at the age of 22 Rich begins to save money. Exhausting himself with heavy training and severely restricting himself in food, he collects money to open his business. Such savings lasted a year and a half until the required amount was accumulated.

Rich Piana talks about her skin cancer

If you are a serious bodybuilder, then it is probably not surprising that the desire to improve the quality of muscles can be either a relatively simple task or a difficult journey with little sign of progress. Genetics plays such a huge roll in the whole process how to reverse diet that being strict and attentive is absolutely necessary to ensure the best success, gifted or not. Diet and general health are also important factors in creating an excellent physique. If you are not able to properly control your health and what you put into your body, then there can be more consequences than simply gaining fat or losing muscle. This is what Rich Piane had to study hard.

In this day and age, cancer is a constant issue that affects so many lives on a large scale. Even the healthiest person can be on the wrong side of the fatal problem. In fact, Rich Piana suffered from skin cancer more than once. Although many would be horrified by the situation, Rich Piana was able to rationalize his position and act accordingly. The popular personality of bodybuilding shares his experience of how he was able to cope with this problem.


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