If you have not seen these videos, then this is the best place to start. The fans lined up in the cabs to pat as much back as possible and now CT Fletcher and Da Hulk have teamed up to give one super fan a special gift … well, a destructive shock attack on the back.

CT Fletcher

Plush Beard or CT Fletcher was born on June 8, 1959, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA. Former American powerlifter, six-time world champion, three-time world champion in the bench press, and three-time champion in lifting the biceps.

The childhood of  Fletcher was held in Compton, California, one of the most criminal areas in all of the United States. During the training in high school, the family moves to the city of Lakewood, California. His father, a  preacher, bought himself a church. His whole family, including himself, was in the church choir. Despite the fact that his father was a preacher, Fletcher was not sweet. The strictest discipline reigned in the family. He got a job at the gas station, just to avoid going home, but soon his father forced him to quit his job to devote more time to the church.

After leaving school at age 18, he went to serve in the army, where he was carried away by martial arts and even got a black belt for karate. After returning from the army, CT tried himself at many jobs, but he chose the postal service. In 1980, Fletcher was carried away by weightlifting and the hall became his passion. He shared his free time between sports and family. Having made a good form, CT began to try himself in bodybuilding but soon switched to powerlifting, where he achieved no small success. Excellent power performance and the title of six-time world champion speak for themselves.

In 2005, Fletcher was taken in the ambulance to the hospital due to serious heart problems. According to CT, they arose because of 20 years of malnutrition. After that, he lost more than 40 kilograms of weight and accumulated force, the particles of which had to be restored for a long time. Now, CT Fletcher is sixty, and he is in more than good shape and motivates his videos with a young generation of athletes.

  • height – 181 cm
  • all now  – 102 kg
  • weight during the competition – 135 kg
  • biceps now  – 52 cm
  • biceps (during the competition)  – 60 cm
  • bench press – 295 kg
  • unofficial bench press (according to CiTi)  – 328 kg
  • squats  – 328 kg
  • lifting on the biceps  – 102 kg

Training hands Fletcher

  1. Triceps on the block: 10 warm-up approaches for 10 repetitions
  2. Biceps on the block: 10 warm-up approaches for 10 repetitions
  3. Biceps on Scott’s bench with one hand: 2 approaches on each arm to failure
  4. Triceps sitting with both hands with a dumbbell behind his head: 4 approaches to failure
  5. Biceps with a dumbbell bench, hands spread apart (similar to an exercise hammer just to the sides): 2 approaches to failure
  6. Pulling up three different grips (narrow, normal, wide): 3 sets of 10 repetitions
  7. Extension of the arms to the triceps with the stop (as the French press only with the emphasis on the neck, the bench, using its own weight): 2 approaches to failure.
  8. French bench press with dumbbells: approaches as possible, 200 repetitions using the principle of the pyramid.

Fletcher’s Catering

To begin with, during his lifter career, which lasted more than 20 years, Plush Beard ate, to put it mildly, “in a lift.” He ate mostly fast food. High-calorie and fatty foods gave him the energy he needed to lift large weights, as a result of which his maximum weight reached 147 kg. But this did not stop and his weight rose and fell Soma-Max-10. A lifter is contrary good: the more weight you are the more you harvest, but as a result of malnutrition, he suffered a heart attack, after which he revised his diet.

Concerning BZU, CT recommends such proportions of 50% – proteins, 40% – carbohydrates, and 10% – useful fats. Also, Citi recommends that you stop all fast food, and, if possible, eat only the right, healthy and high-quality products his favorite dish is protein muffins, which contain about 60 grams of protein, 50 carbohydrates, and 5 grams of fat. But he admits that sometimes (every few months or more) he uses citmill and allows himself whatever he wants and even a hamburger.

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