Bradley Martyn

  • Day, month, year of birth: May 22, 1989
  • Age 28 years old
  • Gemini
  • Place of birth: San Francisco, California, 
    United States of America.
  • Height: 74 inches (188 cm)
  • Weight: 229 pounds (104 kg) between the seasons. 
    According to the latest data, Bradley Martin’s weight is 260 pounds (118 kg)

Childhood: at the age of six, Bradley lost his father, who committed suicide. His mom was forced to raise her son alone. As a teenager, he was actively interested in football and many predicted the future of Bradley as a professional football player. B.Martin’s mother, whenever possible, tried to visit every game of her beloved son, regardless of whether it was a competition or a friendly match.

bradley martyn gym opening

Youth: At fifteen, Bradley decided to build muscle to achieve greater success in sports, and, as is often the case, a simple hobby became his life credo.

Bradley’s passion for bodybuilding was stronger than his desire to build a successful career in football. Bradley Martin’s best friends are iron sports equipment and a stubborn desire to become the best bodybuilder. Morning and evening have become synonymous with training for Bradley and he became the pride of his beloved mother and those who are envious of their peer. Night parties were not for him. Sports became his life.

At the same time, Bradley enters the University of Tennessee, where he successfully receives the profession of a personal trainer. He actively combined training with work and achieved great respect not only for his clients but also for his colleagues in simulators.

bradley martyn

2011 was a real chance to get into people for Bradley. The pilot project “Men’s Physique” became the starting point for the future bodybuilding star. Here he takes eighth place and, then, he is covered by a series of victories in major championships.

In 2014, B.Martin creates his own channel in the world of YouTube, and the site, in turn, makes a real discovery of the sports industry itself Bradley.

Naturally, the bodybuilding star cannot rest on the achieved, holding the opinion that there is no limit to perfection. 2016 gives the world the brand name of Bradley Martin “BMFIT”.

2018: Bradley Martin left the ranks of speakers on stage. Instead, he made the whole world of the Internet his scene. Los Angeles became his city, social networks – his world. Bradley Martin devotes all his free time to promoting his workings and training systems on the Internet. More than two and a half million subscribers became its public superman exercise benefits, and their number is growing at a tremendous speed.

Pages on social networks are overflowed with positive reviews, admiring comments, and best wishes in the success of dedicated fans. For many, the lifestyle and Bradley Martin himself became an idol. Girls are dreaming of such a boyfriend, and the boys in the whole world are trying to become like him.


A boring life is not for Bradley as he is constantly improving not only his own body and health but also doing hard training with the endless complication of dangerous tricks. A lot of systems, exercises and a huge flurry of motivation is what subscribers receive from Bradley Martin daily.

Income: more than $ 1,700,000 per year.

Victories and achievements: 

  • “NPC Southern California Championships” – the highest score and the first prize.
  • “NPC USA Championships” – the second place in the junior branch.
  • “NPC Phil Heath Classic” – recognized as the best.

When it comes to hitting weight in the gym, his ultimate goal is stretching the muscles and sculpting the body of the killer. Everyone who enters the gym wants to somehow improve his body and it’s just a fact. But for some, there is an added bonus to getting into the gym, getting sweaty and pushing a workout … and that’s to pick up the chicks (or guys). Call it skeezy, call it an unnecessary distraction, call it whatever you want. While there are gyms, there will always be people who are trying to flirt.

Well, you all should just pack it and go home; because Bradley Martin is preparing everyone for shame. In a genius move, Martin combined his strength and charm to not only impress every girl in the gym but also literally pick them up. You will see what we mean in this video below:

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