Who is the strongest?

Although this may not be bodybuilding, the Arnold Classic Strongman competition is a truly amazing event. Strength and excitement at every moment will turn the head of any bodybuilder.

2016 arnold classic strongman results

That’s why he deserves to go every year on the main stage, and therefore today we cover the results. Read the final results below:

Results of Arnold Classic Strongman

  • Zydrunas Savickas
  • Brian Shaw
  • Vytautas Lalas
  • Mikhail Kil’shkovsky
  • Haftor Bjornosson
  • Jerry Pritchett
  • Mateus Shivlyakov
  • Dimitar Savatinov
  • Eddie Hall
  • Alexander Lysenko

Zydrunas Savickas

This is approaching the Strongman competition but stay on the Iron Generation to get the continuation of the cover on Sunday. Arnold Classic can be close to the end – but the excitement never dies.

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