Anllela Sagra – Colombian grace and fitness model

Cute athlete fans know about the sexual figure and graceful movements. Anllela on the pages of social networks regularly puts out candid photos, inspiring precise forms for sports. Ten million followers in instagrama admire the aesthetics of the body and generously put on huskies. The girl’s Facebook page is full of hundreds of comments to each post and […]

Video: Jon Delarosa’s Take on Kai & Phil

Biography: Jonathan Delorosa was born on May 29, 1984 in New York. His parents were from the Dominican Republic and both worked hard to provide Jonathan and his siblings with a good life. The Delaros family lived in the Washington Heights area, where mostly immigrants from the Dominican Republic settled. Jonathan attended the Catholic school. He inherited the love […]

Rich Piana talks about his skin cancer and how he solved the problem

Interesting facts from the biography Already at the age of 18, when preparing for the competition, Rich Piana gets acquainted with steroids. As he claims, everything started with the usual injections of testosterone and decaduroboline. These injections played a role, and after eight weeks his bench increased by 25 kg, and the body weight of […]


Biography Ryan Watson 6’2 “(1.87 m) bodybuilder Ryan Watson weighs nearly 300 pounds (136 kg) in the offseason! He was a football player of the state in Largo in 1997. He first played NFL football for a year for the Atlanta Falcons and the Tenessee Titans, after which he graduated from Appalachian State University as […]

Phil Heath & Hany Rambod Super Seminar

Hany Rambod biography Hany Rambod was a competing bodybuilder in the early 90’s, but he did not manage to achieve much success. All the blame goes to the severe injury, which put an end to his career as a bodybuilder, after which he began to actively practice coaching. The first serious student in the career […]

Video: Lee Priest’s Advice On Building Big Biceps For Natural Bodybuilders

Lee Priest Biography Lee Priest was born July 6, 1972 in Newcastle, Australia. His real full name is Andrew Lee Priest McCatchon. Lee grew up in a middle-class family. During school days in Platsberg, he was fond of playing sports, among which was American football. He also attended Karate classes. A little later his grandfather, who was an army fighter, sent […]

Kai Greene talks about post workout nutrition

Kai Greene is a well-known professional bodybuilder, winner of the Arnold Classic Championship 2009, and multiple prize-winner of top world tournaments. Creatively suited to everything, including the pumping of muscles and sports nutrition, he has a philosophical mindset. Anthropometric data Height: 173 cm; Weight: 136 kg (off-season), 116 kg (competitive); Biceps: 56 cm; Hip: 86 […]

Video: Phil Heath Shares His Ultimate Guide To An Effective Training Split

Phil Heath’s training program Phil Heath is a professional bodybuilder in America. He won many victories in the US Championship in 2005, in 2006 in Colorado and New York, and in 2008 in Ironman Pro. However, the most significant victory is the first place in the competition, Mr. Olympia, in 2010 and 2011. General information Phil Heath United […]

Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Results 2016

The Arnold Classic is the second most popular bodybuilding contest, held annually in Columbus, Ohio, USA. As you may have guessed, the founder of this contest is one of the most famous athletes of our time: Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Arnold Classic was first held in 1989 and is considered the second most important bodybuilding competition […]